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Christine was born on April 17,1954 to Kenneth and Alice Frost. She married Frederick William Cable on June 1st, 1974. Their first child Stewart was born October 31, 1978, shortly followed by their daughter Jayne on April 27, 1981 and their youngest son Paul was born August 6, 1988. Christine was over joyed on July 24, 2005 as her first grand child, Abbie was born to Jayne and her husband Paul. Christine once more became a Grandma before her passing when Stewart and his wife Cheryl had their daughter Ruby on October 1, 2010. Christine passed away shortly before Ruby's 1st birthday, and in Christine honour Ruby now carrys her grandma's name, Ruby Alice Christine Cable. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family. Gone from our home but never from our hearts.


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